Kids’ Courses in Greek Lessons OnLine

Online Greek Courses for Kids

Greek Lessons OnLine is a leader in offering online greek courses to kids. Our virtual classrooms provide a safe and easy to use environment for kids of all ages. Greek Lessons OnLine courses are specially designed to develop your child’s confidence in Greek. We are committed to providing the highest quality in greek language teaching as all our teachers are qualified, very well trained and experienced in teaching young learners.

Courses' focus

For kids we offer two different courses, General Greek and Greek Conversation. During the General Greek course you will learn how to read, write, and develop your listening and speaking skills. Our Greek Conversation course will help and support you in becoming a more confident speaker!

Types of classes

If you wish to sign up for the General Greek course you can choose a private lesson, semi-private lesson (2-3 students) or a group lesson (up to 6 students). If you have some friends in mind, who are also interested in joining our school, we can create a semi-private class for you or you may sign up for our group classes. In our Greek Conversation course for young learners and kids we offer only private lessons as we have experienced that some children can be shy with practicing speaking in front of others.

Extracurricular activities and events

Greek Lessons OnLine offers extracurricular activities and events throughout the year. At the end of every year we have our Christmas Celebration with songs, poems, and sketches while some of our students play the piano, violin or guitar. You will love our international orchestra! We also organise students’ teleconferences where greek students from all over the world come together to meet each other, exchange experiences, participate in greek language activities and play games. On the occasion of greek national celebrations we also run small events. We are determined to keep the greek spirit alive!

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