Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses

school of spetses

Greece might be known for its wonderful archeological sites that tell the story of its civilization and of the civilization of Europe too. Not many people know, however, that Greece is not only dotted with archaeological sites but also with important buildings that were built in its more modern history and that are true architectural marvels. In this series, we will focus on Greek buildings of great importance that took center stage in the field of education in Greece.   

We start with the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses which was established on the island in 1923. This was when its founder Sotirios Anargyros returned to his homeland of Spetses and made it a lifetime goal to develop the island. 

The benefactors

Its benefactors, Sotiris Anargyros and Marinos Korgialenios, had envisioned an educational institution that would shape and educate the leaders of modern Greece. Their vision was supported by important politicians of the time like Eleftherios Venizelos. The school was developed on the model of English Schools like Eton, had a humanistic approach and meant to help develop the Universal Man.

The premises

The School’s area is right in front of the sea and spreads on 120.000m² . Pine forests, olive groves and gardens surround the School’s premises. The estate includes 5 buildings built in a neoclassical style, sports facilities and even an outdoor theater built to resemble the ancient theater of Epidaurus. The five buildings include the Didaktirion also known as the School where one can find an auditorium, classrooms, laboratories, a computer lab, a restaurant and a canteen. Building B includes 33 renovated rooms, building C provides 38 recently renovated rooms, a leisure room with board games, a piano and satellite TV, ping-pong tables and a library with an astonishing collection of more than 5000 titles. Building D provides 38 rooms for guests while 3 of them are apartments.   

Its cultural importance 

The idyllic nature around it, the superb architectural design of the buildings, the amazing laboratories and classrooms along with the guidance of prominent educators turned the School into one of the most innovative educational institutions in Europe until the early 80s.

Its mission today

The School of Spetses functioned as a world-class college from 1928 to 1983 and has always been an important pole of attraction for educational and research activities. Nowadays, world renowned universities host courses for adults and children as well as important conferences in its hospitable dorm rooms and classrooms every year. 

The mission of the School of Spetses is to provide quality services in the field of education and life-long learning which is why it strives to cooperate with worldwide recognized Institutes and Organizations that share the same mentality and mission in the field of education.

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