Modern Greek- Low Intermediate (A2)

Course Objectives

  • To enable students to further develop their conversational skills in Modern Greek in a variety of everyday situations;
  • To develop accuracy and fluency in speaking, writing, listening and reading;
  • To further develop awareness of aspects of Greek culture;
  • To understand frequently used expressions and sentences that relate to personal and family information, work, entertainment etc;
  • To exchange information regarding your everyday life and routine matters or even in cases of immediate need.

Content and Components

  • The main topics to be covered in this course are about everyday activities, family, friends, life events, remembering and forgetting, characteristics of people, holidays and more;
  • Students practise their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in and out of class with their teachers and classmates using their books and applications;
  • The course is based on Ελληνικά Α and Κλικ στα Ελληνικά. In addition, there is a wide range of language material designed by the Greek LOL Teachers.
  • All lessons are supported by educational applications to help students enrich their vocabulary and practise their Greek with fun and interactive exercises, videos and games.

Semi-private classes

Students benefit from personalised learning and overcome their fear of speaking Greek in front of others from their very first lessons!

Private classes

Recommended for learners how need extra attention. Also this is a great class option for students preparing for a semi-private or group class.

Group classes​

Tailored to target the needs of students with different learning styles, who enjoy interacting with other learners.

Extra Greek Grammar

An instructor-led or self-paced asynchronous program to develop your Greek grammar understanding in your own time.

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