This course is for young learners who:

  • Have completed Level 3.
  • Know how to read, write and speak Greek at a very good level.
  • Use a variety of words and expressions when speaking with family and friends.
  • Communicate with native speakers in Greek without much strain from either party.

What will you learn in Level 4 course?

  • Develop your reading, writing, speaking, and grammar skills.
  • Expand your vocabulary and create complex sentences when writing and speaking. 
  • Speak with native speakers with ease. 
  • Main topics to be covered are: friends, describing people, celebrations, telling stories, media, health, travelling, environment and much more...

Type of Classes

Semi-private classes
Ideal for children! Kids in these classes benefit from personalised learning and overcome their fear of speaking Greek in front of others -and not only their teacher- from their very first lessons!
Private classes
Recommended for kids who need extra attention as well as students with learning difficulties. Also, a great introductory option for students preparing for a semi private class.

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