This course is for kids with very little or no knowledge of Greek.

What will you learn in Level 1 course?

  • Develop basic reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • Understand and use simple and common expressions in Greek.
  • Communicate in simple every day activities with family and friends.
  • Present yourselves to others and ask simple questions as where they live, where they are from etc.
  • Main topics to be covered are: greetings, school-life, animals, colours, clothes, days of the week, celebrations, shopping, cooking, food, likes, dislikes, seasons, numbers and much more...

How will you learn?

We use the book series “Margarita” for Non-Native Speakers & “Γλώσσα Α Δημοτικού” for Native Speakers. Along with the books we use bespoke material adjusted to our students' needs.

Our educational applications will help you to practise your reading, speaking, writing and listening skills in and out of class with flashcards, interactive videos, quizzes and games.

To make homework fun and easy we use educational applications, that monitor our students' progress and performance. For course book activities, students send coursework via email.

Type of Classes

Semi-private classes
Ideal for children! Kids in these classes benefit from personalised learning and overcome their fear of speaking Greek in front of others -and not only their teacher- from their very first lessons!
Private classes
Recommended for kids who need extra attention as well as students with learning difficulties. Also, a great introductory option for students preparing for a semi private class.

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