Greek Summer Camp

The best time for kids to learn is when they are having fun so we can reassure you of that!


The Greek LOL Summer Camp is a great way for your child to learn Greek and have fun. Our program aims to develop kids’ speaking skills and boost their confidence when speaking Greek with other children from Greece or with kids of a similar background. The best time for kids to learn is when they are having fun so we can reassure you of that!







Greek Lessons on Summer Camp

The programme includes two-hour group language lessons every day, one in the morning 9:30-10:30 and one in the afternoon 16:00-17:00. Students are placed in groups according to their level of Greek.

Morning class

Students are taught Greek grammar and vocabulary to improve students’ speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Handouts are provided while learning activities include dialogues, crosswords, word-searches, fill-in-the blanks, synonyms/antonyms, Greek pronunciation exercises, role playing and more.

Afternoon class

Students take part in learning activities and cross-thematic projects that help them put all their new grammar and vocabulary knowledge into practice. Cross-thematic projects combine Greek with history, geography and math. Educational fun games such as charades, food-tasting and treasure hunts and more, are included in the program to help the kids develop their Greek speaking skills.

Camp Activities

All kids take part in stimulating social, sport and cultural activities, such as horse-riding, archery, climbing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, dance, theatre and many more.

Greek Summer Camp

When & Where

The Greek LOL Summer Camp runs for 13 days and takes place in Sofiko, Greece -close to Korinthos- in one of the best camps in Europe which combines modern facilities with a surrounding of amazing natural beauty in the Peloponnese, only one hour away from Athens! Dates for the 2020 Greek LOL Summer Camp are listed below:

  • June 16 – June 28
  • July 1 – July 13
  • August 2 – August 14

Kids Accommodation

The Ranch is a residential camp offering first-rate overnight facilities. Kids are placed in modern western-themed houses with the other Greek campers from Greece. Kids can choose to stay with their friends as long as they are about the same age and of the same gender.

Parents Accommodation

Parents, who wish to stay close to the camp, can book a hotel in the picturesque close-by seaside village of Korfos. Tourist guides and daily excursions can also be arranged for parents staying close to the camp.

Extra Private Tuition

Students can book extra private lessons taught by our experienced teachers in the camp facilities. Private lessons take place in the Greek LOL office or in designated outdoor spaces. Extra private lessons are taught during campers’ free time.

Daily Schedule

8:20 I wake up to music
8:30 Wash up and get dressed…
9:00 Yummy… Breakfast
9:30 Greek Lesson 
10:30 Snack time!
10:45 Time for action: Swimming pool, activities, sports, traditional greek dance
12:45 Free time or private Greek lesson
13:30 Tummy’s rumbling – lunchtime
14:00 Fun and games in the dining-room
14:30 Some midday rest or private Greek lesson
16:00 Greek Lesson 
17:00 Afternoon snack.
17:15 Time for more action: Swimming pool, activities, sports, traditional greek dance
19:45 Wash up and get dressed
20:40 Yummy… Dinnertime!
21:15 The surprise of the day! Cinema, theatre, dance performance, party, music…
23:00 Shhhh… Bedtime! We’ll be back tomorrow….

Camp Cost

Fees are €69.00 day*. Fees for extra Greek language tuition is €21.50/hour.

*Minimum days one can sign up for is 7. Also, arrangements can be made for those interested in day camping and those who wish to attend for a few days only.

What it Includes

  • Five hours of online group lessons to prepare students for the camp 
  • Induction and welcome ceremony
  • Supervision and 24h support to parents and students
  • Two Greek lessons every day including weekends
  • Five hour traditional Greek dance
  • Lesson material & handouts
  • Greek language cross-thematic projects
  • Accommodation in modern western-themed houses
  • Five daily meals
  • Sport activities: swimming, horse-riding, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, archery, climbing,
  • Cultural activities: Dancing, crafts, cinema, theatre
  • Field trip: students will visit The Ranch Educational Village to learn about old Greek professions and stores such as grocery stores of the 50’s, olive and grain mills
  • Free board games in Greek such as Monopoly, Hangman, Scrabble and more.

Supervision & Support

Along with the camp’s 250 experienced personnel the Greek LOL teaching staff offers exclusive 24/7 support to our campers and parents. Our Camp office is open from 8am to 10pm and members of our staff are always available to support our students, answer questions, help them adjust to the camp environment and resolve any issues. We are in constant communication with the camp’s staff and chief and receive full feedback on our students to make sure they have fully integrated into camp life. Greek board games are also available in our office and free to use during students’ free time. We are always there for you and your kids!

Nutrition Programme

The menu is carefully prepared by an accredited dietician, ensuring that all dietary needs of growing children are covered. Three full meals plus two snacks are provided on a daily basis. Click here to see the menu. The camp’s kitchen prepares meals separately for kids with food allergies. Please do not neglect to include your kid’s food allergies in their medical history.

Getting to The Ranch

“The Ranch” is located in the natural valley of a beautiful pine forest in Sofiko Corinth, only 97 kilometres from Athens. Click here to see how to get to our Camp from Athens, Korinthos and Patras.

If you wish to receive more information please complete the following form and a member of our staff will contact you.

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