Greek & Sciences

Course Overview

The cross-thematic structure and design of this course aim to support children's greek language skills by engaging them in science-oriented projects, tasks and activities in class. We introduce students to new vocabulary, expressions and language formats through mythology, history, maths, games, geography, chemistry, biology and more!

Course Content / Students’ Level

 Lower IntermediatesIntermediates
Math in Greek✔️✔️
Geography in Greek✔️✔️
Group projects, language and role-playing✔️✔️
Greek historical events ✔️
Greek Mythology ✔️
Biology & Chemistry projects ✔️

What will you learn in this Course?

Here you will:

  • Develop your speaking and listening skills.
  • Become more confident when speaking Greek.
  • Learn new words and phrases according to your level.
  • Enrich your vocabulary with terminology you can easily apply to everyday conversation.
  • Develop creative thinking skills through collaboration and communication with other pupils.
  • Build team working skills in Greek.

How will you learn?

With this program we want students to learn in a happy, relaxed and inspired atmosphere!

  • Activities & Presentations: Qualified teachers of different scientific subjects -Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry etc- work with the Greek LOL teachers to prepare customised content and engaging activities.
  • Educational applications: Quizzes, videos, audios, and games are all used in class to engage students in private and group activities. All students’ work is completed in class so guess what? NO HOMEWORK!!!

Sessions Structure

Each session has a specific scientific focus which changes from one session to the other. For instance, in one session students get involved in math activities while in another, we present historical events that invite conversation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for students 7-16 years old, who learn Greek and study Greek at Greek LOL or any other school. If you want your kids to improve their Greek without even realising they are doing it, this is the right course for them!

Types of Classes and Schedule

This course has been designed for a group class. Students meet once per month in a 2-hour session including a 15 min. break. If you are a group of four students and more then we can create a group class for you! Please contact us for more information and availability.

We will be very happy to meet you and present you our method during a free trial lesson

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