Greek Traditions


Christmas in Greece: Epiphany

Christmas holidays in Greece do not come to an end until January 6th, on the “festival of lights” or Epiphany. For the Orthodox church, Epiphany is the celebration of the baptism of Christ and his

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Christmas in Greece: Christmas Carols

Christmas caroling is for Greek children one of the sweetest and most fun memories of their childhood. What is special about this Greek Christmas tradition is that it has more or less survived throughout the

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Christmas in Greece: Christopsomo

Christopsomo (bread of Christ) is a type of bread that Greeks make 2-3 days before Christmas. This tradition has its origins in ancient Greece, when people would make bread as a bloodless sacrifice to the

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christmas boat

Christmas in Greece: Christmas boats

The Christmas boat or “karavaki” as Greeks call it is the most Greek tradition you will find in the country around the holidays. In the past Greeks, being a nautical people, would decorate boats instead

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