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Learn to Love Greek Films

Understanding spoken Greek and actually speaking is more challenging than written language for a lot of learners. That’s why many of our students often ask for ways to help them improve their listening and speaking

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ellinomatheia guide

Should I take the Ellinomatheia Exams?

An amazing success Our Greek School, recently celebrated the amazing success of all our students who were Ellinomatheia Exams candidates and managed to pass the exam and receive the certificate with flying colors, making us

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webex over zoom

E-Learning with WebEx, Zoom, Skype etc

With the growing popularity of online education in the months that followed March 2020, more and more people started giving expert opinions on various aspects of e-learning such as video conferencing platforms. One of the

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4 myths online education

4 Myths about Online Education

These are definitely interesting times we are all living. Online education was brought to the spotlight rather more violently than we were expecting and as a result there are opinions and “specialists” talking about it

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