"ΟΧΙ" Day Competition

"ΟΧΙ" Day Competition
A huge thanks to all the kids who submitted their videos for the OXI Day competition. All the contestants’ work has been amazing! And… the winners are… Annoula from NY, Benny from California and Orfeas from France. Well done to all our students and teachers for their participation in the OXI Day video Project!

Online Lessons vs Skype Lessons: Is there any difference?

Greek lesoon on Skype
Here is something I come across a lot: “Oh you teach online, so you teach on skype”. I can tell you from experience , the  term “online lessons”, is entirely associated with skype.  And I am not saying that this is good or bad, but it is a fact.  It is actually like relating daily commute to Uber.

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